University HIgh School

 Titan Chorus

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Important Dates In Order:

1. Choir Handbook Contracts were due on 8/27 if you haven’t done it yet, please do it now. This is a summative grade. Links are on Choir website and on the BAND APP.


2.    1st Choir Parent Booster meeting for everyone interested in helping out this year during events, concerts, and trips.

a.    Tuesday 9/5 at 6:30pm in the Choir room

b.    Teams link will be available for those who want to help but can’t come this time.

3.    Fall Choir Retreat! Saturday 9/9 from 9am-5pm

a.    Cost is $10 per person (lunch provided, snacks, and water provided)

b.    All Choir Members are invited and are encouraged to go.

c.     It is a full day of Fun, Food, Games, and Singing! (of course)

d.    Please respond to BAND APP RSVP in order to be counted for food by Friday 8/1.

4.    Fall Concert information:

a.    Rehearsal Tuesday 9/12 from 3:45pm – 5:30pm

b.    Dress Rehearsal Thursday 9/14 from 3:45pm – 6pm

c.     Fall Concert Day Friday 9/15

                                                   i. Call Time for Students 5pm (they can stay after school for pizza and snacks for $5 per person)

                                                 ii. Doors Open for Parents at 6:15pm

                                               iii. Curtain Opens at 6:30pm

                                               iv. Done by 7:30pm (after they clean up their areas)

5.    LONDON/Disney rehearsals:

a.    Every Monday 3:45pm-5pm and Wednesday 2:45-4pm

b.    Starting 9/6

6.    LONDON Questionnaire MUST be filled out for each person going.

a.    Please make sure you get this done or you will not be counted as going.

b.    Make sure to get your payments are up to date. Final Payments are due in October.

c.     Passports need to be brought in to be copied. We need physical Passports, please do not send emails or you own copies.

d.    Room picking will be done this week.

7.    Stetson Choral Festival is October 6th and 7th from 9am to 9pm both days. Students need their own transportation to and from event.

8.    All-State Auditions are 9/16 8:45am (ending time varies based on test scores.)

9.    Cherrydale Fundraiser will be starting soon! Keep an eye out on the BAND APP for more information.

Important Information:

1.    We are in desperate need of chaperones, waters, and snacks for the rehearsals and events. Please email the Choir Boosters to help.

2.    We are still looking for Sponsors for LONDON to help out with the cost, if you or your company can help, let us know!

Choir Fees: Please make sure your choir fee of $60 (+$90 for Show Choir) is paid before the concert. Fees can be paid online on the Choir website.



Instagram: UHSTitanChorus

Facebook: University High Titan Chorus

Musically yours,

Jonathan Anderson

Director of Choral Activities

Keyboard Teacher

Private Voice Teacher

University High School

Volusia County

A note from Mr. Anderson

This year is PACKED with fun trips, festivals, competitions, concerts and Broadway shows. Regardless of your prior experience in choir, this year is going to be very different. Students will be challenged to create an audience experience like no other. In order to stay up to date with all of our events, you need to know what groups your child belongs to and follow the BAND APP and Calendar. Both links are on this page and throughout the website.

This website is designed to have all information for events, including dates, times, and who needs to be there. The BAND APP is needed to maintain contact throughout the year. Each page will have different aspects of choir information. Feel free to browse the site and send me an email with any questions.

 Choir Core Values


Everyone is welcome in choir, no matter what your background, we accept all students. You don't have to be a great singer to be in choir. Join and we will get you there.

Musical Diversity

In the UHS Titan Chorus, we will be singing a wide variety of music from Pop, to a cappella (like Pentatonix), Musical theater, Rock, Classical, and New music. Our goal is to include music from composers with diverse backgrounds and cultures. We will sing in several different languages as well (Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, German, etc.) 

No Judgement

In the Titan Chorus, we understand that singing is the most vulnerable thing a human can do. There is no instrument to hide behind. So I encourage students to not judge other students (or themselves) when mistakes happen. Mistakes can be fixed, only if we work together.


Final Concert Rehearsal for Fall Concert 9/21/22