The Band App is the next biggest thing this year along with the website, for communication. Below is all of our Social Media and apps that we will be using this year and links to sign up. PLEASE make sure to sign up for the BAND APP it is where I will be posting important reminders for rehearsals, concerts, events, etc.

Band APP

This is our main communication app. All reminders for events, concerts, rehearsals, meetings, etc. will be posted on here. All parents and students need to be on this app. It is free and doesn't require an email. Students and parents can ask me questions directly in the app and no information is shared in the app or by the app.

Here is the link:


The UHS Titan Chorus Instagram is the same as the former singingcharger Instagram. Here we will post Pics from events, rehearsals, recruitment vids, and various other things. The UHS Titan Chorus Instagram is a place for the community to see what we are up to and everything we are working on. This helps with recruitment and getting community buy in to our program.

Here is the link to the Instagram: